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“We believe in working where you can thrive. Our diversity makes us more effective, our inclusion makes us stronger.” Richard Moore, Head of Secret Intelligence Service MI6.

What is National Security?

Working in the National Security community means playing an important part in protecting people, communities and the country.

Our work is interesting, rewarding and wide-ranging.

We cover everything from operations management and improving cyber security, to delivering communications campaigns, managing IT systems, creating security policy and running intelligence operations.

Working in National Security

Careers in National Security are part of the Civil Service, which means you’ll be working for the Government. Roles tend to be based in the UK, but some may require international travel if you’re working with other countries or embassies. 


Our world may seem like something from the movies; spying, intelligence gathering and basically risking life and limb. But the reality for most is far removed from this. There’s not just one National Security career pathway. Instead, there are many different roles and each one requires a different set of skills. For example, you could join the community as a lawyer, project manager, digital communicator, statistician or business analyst to name but a few. And because there are such a diverse range of roles, there are many routes in, too.


We recruit people from all backgrounds, course types and education levels – from school leavers to university graduates. What unites them, is the drive to stay one step ahead in protecting our country from harm. We work to serve the public and make a real difference in terms of protecting our communities. The feeling of satisfaction you get from knowing that what you did today directly contributed towards keeping our people safe is irreplaceable.

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There are many different roles in National Security and each one requires a different set of skills. From digital communications to policy to project delivery – we’ve got something to suit everyone.

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